Rose Midwifery is proud of the lasting relationships we form with our patients. We aim to truly be a partner in our patients' health across the journey of a woman’s life. Please read below to hear from some of our satisfied patients.

"I would recommend Rose Midwifery because of the great services they have. Having a natural birth and help with breastfeeding were very important to me, and the midwives were very patient and a great help."
- Sicilieya
“I felt such gratitude for everyone who helped me have the exact birth I wanted. The midwife and nurses never doubted me. It was amazing to be able to experience a positive unmedicated labor in a hospital that supported my every desire.”
- Kristel
"I was a high-risk pregnancy, and they were very thorough in making sure that the baby and I were healthy. They really care about their patients."
- Jennifer 
"I had my first child with the Rose Midwives, and I was satisfied with the care I received. They helped me throughout my pregnancy and delivery with managing my high blood pressure."
- Jennifer
"I chose Rose Midwifery because Katie (Wagner) is awesome and very friendly. I saw her for the care of my first child and wouldn't have it any other way for my second."
- Jacque
“I would recommend Rose Midwifery because all of my questions were answered right away, and the midwives were caring, nice and very helpful.”
- Belinda
"I chose Rose Midwifery because I really liked Rose Medical Center, and I wanted to deliver there. The midwives were very caring and organized and eased my mind and worries about labor."
- Lindsay 
"They have gone well beyond the basics for my care and how they have helped me. I would absolutely recommend them."
- Jeni